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Solo or with Full Band, Get set for a beautifully gutsy performance, as Tom tells his stories with undertones of blues, roots and folk, grown through a forest of soaring acoustic goodness.


Now with two full length albums under his belt, Tom has found his sound set firmly with an ever growing, loyal fan base that follow him not only across his home turf in the UK, but also across the Globe. 


Tom's world tour and self drive expedition in his 1989 vw campervan all the way from the UK to Australia in 2016, lay the foundations and inspiration for much of his material. It fits into mainstream molds, yet also satisfies a deeper creative taste. 


Tom has successfully spread his music far and wide with a very organic style, playing and singing at every opportunity from street corners and living rooms, to full band gigs on big stages. A love for his trade means his sights are set on 'keeping it real' while achieving as much as he can.


Tom is a Blue Reef favourite, making his third appearance at this years festival! 

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