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Teenage cousins, set to explode like only the rawness of youth can, strike head-on with their raw, high energy hook-ridden rock ’n’ roll, fusing the pop melodies of 90’s Britpop, 60’s British Invasion and early Weezer with the instrumental energy and rawness of The Libertines and the 70’s punk movement. Their energetic live shows are like being in a mosh-pit circus, blending great musicianship with athletic displays of flips in the crowds. Authentic and unashamedly pure.


Young but a serious outfit, there’s a real buzz following the boys, crowds too; with a fresh, authentic spark to their jaw dropping live shows, a string of singles recorded at The Libertines' Albion Rooms set for release, and Louis’ background as a world class freestyle sports athlete, Another Day are connecting the dots between a new era of British rock and the extreme sports world.

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